Paycheck Protection

What is your GAME* plan to GUARANTEE a replacement of your salary/income or keep your business running if you are hurt and can’t work?

Can you STOP work today and continue to pay all your daily bills……………….for 2 years?

……….for 5 years?

……….for 10 years?
……….into retirement years?
Did you know that the “average” 35 year old professional immediately loses lifetime income value of $2 million-$2.8 million if he/she cannot work the rest of their life? What’s your chance of losing your paycheck due to a disabling injury or illness?

Did you know that disability is the cause of nearly half of all home foreclosures? Compton Insurance Marketing, 2002

 Did you know that it takes only a few months of being off work for most folks to exhaust their savings and have to look at liquidating? Do you know the ODDS OF LOSS? 1 in 20 vehicles are totaled, 1 in 100 houses burn down, 1 in 15 boats are totaled and 1 in 3 people will experience a disability at some time during their life.




Annual Protection Cost

Daily Protection Cost

















Pay Check





Example Above: $50,000 salary x .025% (avg annual premium) / 365 days for $1.5 million lifetime payout. Why are you paying over $7.00 a day to protect your other assets and not protect your paycheck???

The Good News:

  • Did you know that some insurance companies give small business owners a “step-up” in industry class” discount for both their industry and business ownership?
  • Did you know that small businesses with with 5 or more employees qualify for list bill discounts on highly desirable “individual” policies?
  • Did you know that Females with 5 or more employees can save up to 47% by having list bill discounts with Unisex rates?
  • Have you been denied coverage in the past? Did you know that folks with previous health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and others may qualify for a limited benefit policy?
    Did you know that locking your rate at a younger age allows you to keep paying that same rate until you retire?

Learn about protecting your paycheck. Click on the video below:
We have access to a dozen companies and provide a full blown comparison with all definitions of the contract. This is the MOST important coverage you will ever own. If your average “lifetime” paycheck is between $1 million and $10 million or more over a lifetime, isn’t it important to know how every benefit covers you and how each company covers that benefit compared to another company? This is the most important spreadsheet you will ever evaluate!


Disability Insurance 101 Video:
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Real Life Stories of Paycheck Protection in Action