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Protect Your Start Up!

You have worked hard and now have years of experience and have taken the risk to start your own high tech business. A lot of planning and decision making have gone into this decision whether you are now an independent contractor or a partner in a small business. Health insurance may be the easiest option for you to obtain. But what are you doing to protect your income and your business?

Did you know that:

• The average high tech startup or independent contractor has left a position with an average $75,000-$125,000 salary.   For the average 35 year old that’s $2.25 million to $4 million in LOST income to the age of 65 if they have a completely disabling injury or illness where they can no longer work.

• Did you know that most insurance companies will not “automatically” insure the income of an individual who is now “self employed” or a part of a “start up” company?

• Are you aware that many insurance companies require 2 years self employed income before they even allow you to purchase income protection?

• Did you know that most “company paid” and/or “deducted” group insurance is not portable when you leave that employer and you are now without income protection whether you are self employed or are working for a new business.

• Did you know that benefits provided by your PEO or intermediary contracting firm may only provide you with the most basic of coverage that may only cover you for 2-5 years and then the benefit ends, may lack own occupation coverage beyond 2 years?   Are you aware that the “group” benefit is TAXABLE which effectively pays you only 40% coverage on your income?  Can you live on 40% of your income?

• The individual who thinks because they have a “desk” job at a computer underestimates how a disabling injury or critical illness takes time away from doctor visits, recovery, inability to think/concentrate, inability to work due to pain or tiredness.  There are also disabling injuries that happen from sitting at a desk such as carpel tunnel syndrome and other hand and neck issues related to computer work.  

In Colorado, where a large part of the workforce participates in adventure sports, it’s really crucial as a broken arm or hand can leave an IT professional, Health Care professional or other professionals who use their hands to code, research or diagnose unable to pay their bills while they recover.

• Did you know the average recovery from a disabling critical illness or accidental injury can take 2 1/2 years to be fit for “full time” back to work and in most cases the unprotected small business shuts down within 3-6 months of the incident due to the lack of income and business protection on top of the piling medical bills.

If you have student loans, they do not go away if you become disabled.  In fact a student loan cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, whether it is medical or not!    See Suzy Orman discussion about this issue:

• Did you know that high end earners top out in income protection with most insurance companies and creative solutions can cover the gap for business owners and sales staff that earn over $300,000 a year.

New Startup Business Protection

• Only 1/2 of 1% of small businesses are aware of tax deductible business protection to keep their cash flow going and pay their office rent, salaries, etc in the event of a disabling injury or critical illness.

• Did you know that most small business owners are just a bank note away from disaster and bankruptcy when an injury or critical illness occurs? Many small businesses lack the key person protection that protects the business if a bank decides to call in the note because you are sick or hurt and can’t run the business.


Here are the most important questions to ask yourself:

1. Right now, can you afford an increase of your monthly mortgage payment of $1 a day when you are working or $1000 per month mortgage or rent payment if you are not working

2. Right now, can you afford $2-$3 a day that is TAX DEDUCTIBLE while you are working and healthy or $3000-$4000 in salaries and office rent when you are not working?

Yes REALLY, we are talking less than the cost of getting that daily latte at Starbucks to protect you or your business!

Huge Savings For Multi Life Groups

We can save you 15-40% Off coverage with combined discounts when you have 3 or more partners, key employees, etc apply for coverage.

Consolidated Benefits, Inc.

With over 15 years of employee benefits expertise, we have the knowledge to protect you! For some industries and startups, it can take some time to get full protection with some insurance companies. We have creative solutions that will pay you cash and keep your business running in the event of a disabling illness or injury.

We specialize in protecting high tech independent contractors and businesses.

Whether you are a start up, have uninsurable health issues, family health histories or high risk recreational activities/sports that have precluded you from protecting your income, we have unique solutions to protect you, your family and your business with solutions from start up to the point that you are self employed/in business long enough to qualify for the best in paycheck protection.

We work with over 30 insurance companies that will underwrite your unique situation and provide coverage. This includes contractors who are working for the same company where they were an employee as a contractor and have continuous work with the client, contractors with long term contracts and provable previous income along with other situations, small start ups, health care professionals with unique coverage needs, middle management, high end sales to executive wrap or carve out.    For high end protection significant discounts may be available because of industry or having 3 or 4 partners needing to start coverage at the same time.   We evaluate the market and provide you with the top options to review.