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 Supplemental Insurance Expertise For Allstate Accounts

Your Colorado Allstate Benefits Consultant

I am a Denver Metro Area Allstate Benefits Consultant, we work with small businesses to major accounts along with Allstate agents who are known for auto and home owners coverage. We handle their commercial accounts.   Most of the Allstate clients I work with are in Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, Denver and North El Paso counties. I also have clients I work with in Summit County so am able to help your clients in that county


With over 20 years handling supplemental benefits all the way to the Fortune 200 level, I know and understand this market.  I am dedicated to helping small business find tax savings and help their employee afford additional benefits that may be no or low cost.   I specifically look out for clients best interest only presenting the highest payout at point of claim and at the lowest cost. Although Allstate has strong marketing on TV and print with celebrity spokesperson Dennis Haysbert, this marketing is ALL for the home and auto side of the business.

The Allstate benefits division does get recognition from clients because of the sister company marketing. So when we look at what Allstate Benefits cost, it’s about 20-30% lower cost than the duck. Over 40,000 employers nationwide offer Allstate benefits to their employees. The most important item that small employers look at are that some of the biggest employers in the US have SWITCHED to Allstate Benefits:

  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar Store
  • US Xpress Trucking
  • America’s Independent Truckers Association
  • Many School Districts, Colleges and Associations

Denver Area Allstate Agents

We partner with local Allstate Agents in the Denver/South Metro Denver area and assist with their commercial accounts.   Most Allstate Agents mostly are focused on Auto and Homeowners Insurance.   Allstate Benefits has set up a system to partner Allstate Benefits Specialists with with Allstate Exclusive Agents and their Allstate Financial Representatives. We provide training to the local agencies and assist with set up and enrollment
of Allstate Benefits Accounts.

 Allstate Benefits Menu

Accident Insurance low/no cost to employee*

• Disability Insurance On the Job/Off the Job

• Critical Illness Insurance 3 categories of benefit

• Cancer Insurance

• Universal Live Insurance with 4.5% interest rate, LBR and LTC/HHC benefits!

• Term Life Insurance

• Dental Insurance

• Vision Insurance

• Gap Coverage

• Section 125 Document (Subsidized or Free)

• Mayo Clinic Nurse Line  (Large Accounts)

Guarantee Issue

Amounts down to 5 employees (Off The Job Accident) and 10 enrolled Group Critical
Illness and Cancer Insurance

* Ask how using your MD visit benefit may pay back almost all of your premium for the year!

We also have tools and resources to assist Allstate Benefits Accounts:  Group Health Insurance, Ancillary Coverage, Payroll, ERISA Compliance, and other options.  Certified Broker For Connect for Health Colorado

Important Note:   If you currently work with an Allstate Benefits Specialist and that’s they only service they provide your clients is Allstate, your client may get poached by another P&C agent.  Having a partner who handles all of the employee benefits including the Allstate Benefits is important with the ever changing world of individual and small group health insurance constantly being brought up by your competitors.   


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