Affordable Accident Expense Coverage

Affordable Accident Coverage-Cash Directly Paid To You

We’ve researched all of the Accident and Critical Illness Combo plans offered in the market, and nothing out there compares to this product. It offers the best coverage, at the best price for individuals. It’s available on list bill for groups.

Available for Individuals and Groups

Guarantee Issue* and Instant Issue on Accident Coverage

  • Avoid the hassle of underwriting!
  • Indemnity Accident Coverage $1,000-$15,000 Cash to You. Benefits are paid on each covered person per calendar year
  • Helps with deductibles, co-insurance, the 40% gap in your disability insurance payout(if you have it) and time off work

Additional Add on Benefit:

  • Critical Illness Coverage – Lump Sum CI Benefit!
  • Flexible Face Amount – Bridge the health insurance deductible gap!
  • Name Brand Insurance Company
  • Online Quoting & Electronic Enrollment – Paper enrollment also available!
  • Receive Cash payment to you, regardless of any coverage you have based on submitted claims

    Almost Everyone is Eligible For Accident Coverage!

  • Accident coverage is important families with kids in sports.
  • Perfect for folks involved in amateur sports leagues and weekend warriors
  • Truckers, Roofers, Welders, Firefighters, Police Officers and High Risk Occupations are Eligible

    *Ineligible Occupations: for Pilots, Professional Athletes. See policy for exclusions
    Critical Illness Rider Available