Consolidated Benefits provides top business insurance for your business and employees.

Our mission is always to provide you and your employees the best coverage available that pays out the most cash benefits to YOU at time of claim for the lowest premium out of your pocket.

We specialize in business overhead coverage, paycheck protection, critical care and other coverage for startups to major accounts. We are licensed to do business in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

No matter how careful you are, or how much you think ahead, life is often unpredictable. That's what insurance is for, planning for what you can't predict.

What you can count on is the performance and strength of your insurance company. We make it our business to prepare you for the unexpected so that you can get the most out of life.

  • Business Overhead Insurance
  • Paycheck Protection Plans
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Accident Expense Insurance
  • Gap Coverage for High Deductible Health Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Identity Theft protection
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans

Over 15 years of high level insurance expertise working with all sized clients from individuals and small companies to Fortune 200 clients.


1)  We are a full service brokerage who will show you plans and quotes from all major carriers!  One call shops them all!

2)  We provide quotes that are exactly the same as going directly through the insurance company or another broker.  But, using us as your personal broker really takes the headache out of finding a plan!   Instead of waiting in que to talk to a customer service person you never talk to again, we are your source for answers.

3)  There are no medical questions on individual or group health insurance for the new Affordable Care  Act Compliant.  We have an easy online access application  process.  Once your app is complete we are able to go on  our back office to access your approval and other items.

4)  We will provide you with ongoing consultations throughout the years to show you new plans which will save you money and increase your overall protection!

5) Finally there is NO COST to work with us in any way!   Commissions are built into all insurance per the State of Colorado Health Insurance Department.  Finding you a stronger more affordable plan is our goal and our services and expertise are always free of charge!